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Think-Tank: ‘PCC Elections Must Be Better Publicised’

Ministers must do more to inform electorate as they prepare to go to the polls, says Policy Exchange

Senior government ministers must do more to promote the forthcoming police and crime commissioner (PCC) elections and engage more with voters, according to an influential right-of-centre think-tank.

In an interview with PoliceOracle.com, Blair Gibbs (pictured), Research Director for Crime and Justice at Policy Exchange, said Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May had to make sure they “threw their weight” behind the move.

¬The best independents will have no problem in achieving recognition in their areas through making use of social media – they will be able to engage with communities.¬

He was speaking after the think-tank launched its own website, giving members of the public the opportunity to see who was standing for election in all force areas.

Mr Gibbs added: “I think the government should definitely be doing more from now until polling day on November 15, throwing their weight behind the policy.

“They need to move the argument on from whether having PCCs is a good idea to the reality that they are happening – they should use the broadcast media to do this.”

While he said the Policy Exchange website, which has recently gone live after six months in development, provides a free-to-use tool for both candidates and the public, he expected the Home Office would eventually launch its own service.

But Mr Gibbs said he was not in favour of candidates being given a free mail drop – which as been called for by some independents – arguing it would be expensive.

He added: “I am not in favour of having a system in which taxpayers’ money is used to subsidise an election.

“Political parties are involved and fielding candidates and it is inconceivable that they should not take part – they are not spending public money on their campaigning.

“I do not think independents would be significantly handicapped by not having a written election address that taxpayers have paid for sent through the mail – most will go straight in the bin along with the takeaway pizza menus.

“The best independents will have no problem in achieving recognition in their areas through making use of social media – they will be able to engage with communities.”

Mr Gibbs said he hoped Policy Exchange website would also help by providing basic information. He added: “We were one of the first groups to suggest democratic oversight of the police and felt that the website would be useful with three months to go to the elections.

“It is not sponsored by anybody and can be used by both candidates and voters.”

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