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Feature: Special MP’s Olympic Challenge

Politician turns to his labour of love as he helps out with 2012 Games

As fellow politicians enjoy their summer recess, an MP-turned special constable shows medal-winning service and commitment

With the arrival of the summer recess, the overwhelming urge for most MPs is to leave the city for warmer climes – but not for David Davies, Conservative MP for Monmouth.

During his months off the politician swapped his title of MP for that of SC – as a special constable he donned his uniform to work alongside his policing colleagues during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

An officer for seven years with BTP, he told PoliceOracle.com that he had been having a ball after spending the last few weeks taking part in the largest peacetime policing operation in the UK’s history.

Along with hundreds of volunteer colleagues nationally, he answered the call to work alongside regular officers to ensure the Games passed off safely.

The experience has left a positive impression on SC Davies who said: “I cannot praise the organisers and volunteers enough and I liked the fact that I was playing a small part in the 2012 Olympics.”

However, getting involved in the Games was just the latest front-line experience for the MP, who was first elected to Parliament in 2005.

He was prompted to become a special constable after a 20-day attachment to Gwent Police – as part of a scheme offered to politicians who wanted to have a better understanding of the force’s work.

During this attachment, SC Davies managed to detain his first suspect following a dramatic foot chase across the Welsh countryside.

He had been observing the execution of a warrant when the occupants of the property began to starburst – and he followed his sergeant minder after a one of them.

SC Davies, a fitness fanatic passed the officer – after ten minutes, the suspect gave up and was detained by the MP until the skipper caught up.

“It was great fun – after all that I was inspired. I knew another MP who had been a special with BTP and that helped me decide to join up,” said SC Davies.

He was undeterred by his lack of a policing background. “I used to run the family specialist transport business before I took up politics and became a member of the Welsh Assembly.

“However, I did have some previous experience of uniformed volunteering having served in my late teens as a Gunner in the TA with 104 Air Defence Regiment, Royal Artillery at Raglan Barracks, Newport.”

The Welsh MP said he keeps his policing and parliamentary duties entirely separate, choosing to discharge his duties as special in London rather than his home county of Gwent. He added that it was easier to fit being an officer in the capital around his parliamentary commitments.

But SC Davies, who has been able to use his policing knowledge during his time on the Home Affairs Select Committee, said the two roles complimented each other well.

During a hearing on Stop and Search, he was able to quiz then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith on her knowledge. SC Davies said he was not aware of any other MPs who had such up-to-date policing experience.

The officer has worked in a number of roles within the BTP Special Constabulary, including some time with the Dip Squad. In addition to the Olympics, the last 18 months has seen a number of major events in London including the Royal Wedding and the Diamond Jubilee.

During the Jubilee celebrations, the MP’s oratory skills were put to good use. He was posted to Green Park underground station and there was a need for someone to make announcements on the megaphone. SC Davies duly volunteered and said that he had no problem with public speaking.

He said: “I was burgled a few years back and I was offered victim support. But I feel that being a special is my counselling as it helps me to do my bit and help to keep the streets safer for others.”

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