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Senior officers filmed hula-hooping judged as 'PR flop'

Public fails to see relevance to International Women's Day

A force has received disapproval after posting a video of its assistant chief constable hula-hooping for International Women’s Day.

Hampshire Constabulary arranged various well-being activities for officers to mark the occasion, including hula-hooping sessions for them to attend on their lunch breaks.

The force’s gender lead, ACC Scott Chiltern and Chief Superintendent Darren O’Callaghan were filmed taking part in their free time.

However, the “PR flop” did not go down well with the public who took to social media to express how “embarrassing” it was.

One wrote: “PR disaster, people just don’t want to see this, they just want the police to be the police.”

Whist another said: “At some point forces have to ask themselves, ‘will a stunt like this improve community relations or will it make us look like t*ts and anger taxpayers?’ One day forces will know the correct answer. Until then we’ll continue to witness such utter nonsense.”

Ian Johnston, former police and crime commissioner for Gwent, also wrote: “Absolute nonsense. I worry for the service.”

Others remained confused over the connection between hula-hooping and supporting women.

Superintendent Annabel Berry, member of the Inspire Network for Women said: “The hula-hooping sessions were arranged to take place during colleagues’ lunchtime periods.

“The senior officers in the video, one of which is the force’s Gender Lead, attended one of these sessions during their lunch periods for a very short period of time to show their support for International Women’s Day and the well-being activities taking place.”

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