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‘I started, so I’ll finish with an arrest’

Roland163 (08/06/19 @ 10:55)

Non story. Unless Murray completed all the myriad of associated paperwork and enquiries which I very much doubt. It would have been more of an achievement to have spent his last day concentrating on the health and wellbeing of his colleagues...

Anon (08/06/19 @ 22:35)

What a hero

Life on Mars (13/06/19 @ 18:14)

stage managed

Anon (13/06/19 @ 23:39)

Did he do the file the CPS charging decision etc. Did he heck as like! I'm sure his old PC colleague thanked him for making an arrest and leaving the Plebs to pick up the pieces. Oh the Met are so lucky. I bet he is privileged to be going there as a Commander!

Baker1 (17/06/19 @ 16:05)

Great. A senior officer does what he should do - go out on the street and show some engagement with the frontline. Okay, it was on his last day in the Force, but at least he went out. You can manage from the back but you need to lead from the front. That means going out on the street even occasionally and seeing what's happening. We should make this a regular part of the senior officer role, not a one-off.

Anthony (18/06/19 @ 12:15)

Why is it that some people, who leave comments find it necessary to have a pop at someone of rank who is reported as doing a good job. Could it be they are jealous; or to cover their own inadequate nature? Give the man the credit he is due, and only be critical, if you actually know him.

Res ipsa loquitor (19/06/19 @ 11:51)

@life-on-mars Just so I know for the future, how do you get someone in possession to be part of something you describe as stage managed?

Thewayitwas (26/06/19 @ 13:07)

Ah come on at least he verbally gave the honour to his buddy. Yes stage managed but this guy would probably stick up for the frontline.

Chlochindichter (11/06/20 @ 23:14)

Goodness gracious.

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