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Force criticised as call-handlers allegedly told wildlife crime not police matter

Anon (03/09/19 @ 12:06)

Poor police call handlers. Given a few hours input on the law during their training and then thrown in to the fire to fend for themselves. They say "A little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing" How true!

Patrick (03/09/19 @ 16:28)

I had this with a Dorset Police call handler who told me a car parked on a road without an MOT did not commit an offence until it moved.

jerry (04/09/19 @ 18:53)

The face of the police is the individual who is at the end of the phone when the public ring in with a report. They should be highly trained, well paid and knowledgeable. Retired police officers perhaps, officers on light duties etc. Instead the opposite applies with low status, low pay little training.

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