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Who do you support, would-be jurors in Hillsborough trial asked to declare

Paul (10/10/19 @ 10:28)

Surely these questions were asked at the original trial.

Bob French (10/10/19 @ 20:44)

Trials - and no doubt another if he’s acquitted.

Springbok223 (22/10/19 @ 15:49)

The Scapegoat appears in Court again.

paul webb (25/10/19 @ 08:59)

Liverpool fans still looking to blame someone any one but themselves for the deaths of 96 fellow fans.

At least try (25/10/19 @ 12:40)

So you don't need Police inside at Cricket, Golf, Rugby, Ice Hockey, rock concerts, theatre or pretty much any other event. So at Footbal, you don't need Police for the players or the coaches or officials. So why then do you need Police and an army of stewards...Why did they feel the need for those awful railings.....Oh yes because the fans, the same fans that caused a five year ban from European competitions always behave like civilised, considerate and balanced people. Mmmmm ?

Bob (12/11/19 @ 20:32)

I wonder why this case doesn't meet the same criteria that others have regarding the length of time that has passed and the amount of publicity surrounding the case making it almost impossible for anyone to get a fair trial ?

Springbok223 (14/07/20 @ 13:56)

They are determined to 'get' someone. There are many Liverpool supporters who should be in the dock with him, but the 'so independent' inquiry by the Bishop of Liverpool said the fans were not to blame, I doubt he would have dared to say anything but that.

StandbyOne (02/04/21 @ 13:23)

No-one dare say it but as the FA allowed the match to go ahead in a stadium without a safety certificate then surely that is where the blame lies.

Shaun Roc711 (01/05/21 @ 09:59)

Oh here we go again!!! Blame the Scousers. There are numerous people having responsibility here. One is Peter Wright, then CC SYP. Wright who moved Ch Supt Mole who had been the match commander at Hillsborough on the two previous seasons. Sadly Mr Mole was replaced by Ch Supt Duckinfield. Mr Duckinfield had never policed a match at Hillsborough. The Insp, Sgts and Constable at Hillsborough all worked extremely hard that day. That was NEVER acknowledged. Did Scousers try to “bunkâ€쳌 in. Yes to the extent that they were blamed NO. As well as Bishop David Shepherd’s report. There was another inquest were the ALL circumstances were reviewed. LFC fans may have played a part. But not to the degree suggested by a national paper now called The Scum on Merseyside. All I know that 96 families had to suffer the loss of loved one. No one should ever die going to the Match. Liverpool, is a big city. In reality it is a village. Where if I do not know you; I will know someone who does. For years a sectarian city. The “religionâ€쳌 of red and blue help to eradicate that Sectarianism. The red and blue may be in opposition on Derby Day. But Hillsborough would unite the City in grief. The families and friends created “JFT 96â€쳌 (JUSTICE FOR THE 96). In an attempt to REGAIN the respect for their loved one who departed this world at Hillsborough. Whose reputations and those of other LFC fans were besmirched with erroneous and scurrilous headlines manufactured in the previously mentioned national newspaper. A tissue of lies seized and used by the Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, as the truth. Lies that were perpetuated through the SYP Chief Constable’s office. Thatcher was anti Liverpool. Due in some respects to the machinations of Derek Hatton, the Labour Deputy Leader of Liverpool City Council. But Hatton was not everybody’s darling. Liverpool was a melting pot of people; a lot good, some naughty and yes we had scallies. Scallies aka troublemakers, thieves, vagabonds and the odd oxygen thief. But decent people were and are in the majority in the City of my birth So please do not blame SCOUSERS AGAIN..., JFT 96 May they all REST IN PEACE🌹âœ쳌ï¸쳌🌹

OldWilliam (10/12/21 @ 09:55)

**WHOM** do you support. Lieracy... (sigh...)

Springbok223 (17/12/21 @ 15:37)

Funny how there was no problem at the other end of the Stadium, just at the end where the Liverpool supporters were.

StandbyOne (03/01/22 @ 09:41)

The FA were fully aware there was no safety certificate. Why try looking for scapegoats when the ball is firmly in THEIR court. Or would that be considered offsides.

Guest (12/08/22 @ 20:45)

LFC fans were the worst hooligans of the 1980's. They killed 39 people at the Heysel stadium in 1985, only 4 years before Hillsborough. 14 of them were convicted of manslaughter. In the 1988-89 season they had a record at away games of turning up late, and rushing stadium gates to get in free - read the statements on the HIP website. Some of them behaved similarly at Hillsborough. WATCH THE CCTV FOOTAGE OF FANS OUTSIDE THE LEPPINGS LANE END.

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