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Computer hacker Assange slams prison IT

paul webb (18/11/19 @ 16:46)

Oh how sad. Never mind when he gets to the states I am sure that those nice federal prison officers will allow him a full spec computer connected to the internet not!!

Springbok223 (24/11/19 @ 09:58)

Lets exchange him with the USA for the woman who killed the motor cyclist in Northamptonshire, and we don't send him if they don't send her to us. The US cannot have it all going one way which is what they usually want..

Res ipsa loquitor (09/12/19 @ 11:24)

Surprised at the DJ saying she has no jurisdiction. She does have the right to rule on whether Article 6 of the ECHR is engaged and whether in the specific case Assange has a right to a fair trial. The average 13 year old could configure the device to ensure he does not abuse it. The MoJ wimping out as usual it seems.

Quis Custodiet (29/02/20 @ 15:09)

yes, let's just roll over for Uncle Sam, typical Westminster bottle drop.

fbcol. (19/03/20 @ 18:45)

Shame, he'll have to use a pen and paper to give his instructions to his brief or in person during his legal visits, this system worked for years prior to computers. I think that he should be more concerned about the prospect of being part of a chain gang breaking rocks in the USA.

Clankle (26/03/20 @ 17:17)

That's terribly sad. Julian doesn't make a very happy or nice guest it seems.

Old cell rat (05/05/20 @ 14:12)

So probably the worlds most prominent hacker isn’t allowed to go online whilst locked up. Am I missing something here?

Springbok223 (07/05/20 @ 15:29)

I notice that Gareth Pierce is still representing the dregs of our society.

Springbok223 (07/05/20 @ 15:29)

I notice that Gareth Pierce is still representing the dregs in our society.

Chalky (22/01/21 @ 13:54)

Why does he need to connect to the internet? basically he wants to contact people he would not be able to contact otherwise and stoke up a willing protest crowd. A vile individual who cray was he would answer any charge put against him because he was in the right. Then when accused of rape by the Swedish authorities hid in that bastion of freedom the Venezuelan Embassy. The charges were then dropped as it had reached the Swedish statue of limitations.

Chalky (22/01/21 @ 13:55)

To exhange him implies he has merit or is worth somthing. He is not.

Peter (15/04/21 @ 11:24)

surely the point of going to prison is you don't carry on with normal life. That is the choice you make when you decide to commit a crime - there is a risk you end up in prison

NW-Bobby (25/11/21 @ 23:16)

If only he had the right to free and independent legal advice....

michael (23/12/21 @ 16:31)

In 1992, 2 university students in Leeds were arrested for being in possession of a home made incendiary device. They claimed that they were just fooling about and the device was not meant to harm anyone. There was litle other evidence against them andthe case would have been dealt with as student stupidity, BUT, they then made a big mistake. When they asked for a solicitor, they requested the aforementioned Ms Pierce, who immediately got on a train in London, and arrived in leeds 3 hours later demanding to see her 'clients'.Now was she likely to do that for 'stupid' students? SB got involved and it turned out they were prominent members of a IRA Active service unit, and a much fuller investigation led to long prison sentences. Not always a good idea to get such a notoriuos supporter of terrorists on your side.

michael (23/12/21 @ 16:34)

Thats a daft idea. He is an international danger to every free society, and she is a driver who may, or may not, have been driving dangerously. Hardly a fair swop.

Springbok223 (29/04/22 @ 08:47)

it is time to kick this matter in to the long grass. Tell the yanks to get knotted, everything is 'one way' with them. Give us the US Pilot who killed Sgt Roberts and you can have Assange.

Springbok223 (29/04/22 @ 08:50)

Just one piece of detritus representing another piece of detritus.

William (15/07/22 @ 12:31)

What crime did he commit ?

William (15/07/22 @ 12:35)

A man discloses, the illegal activities of the Western Governments security Services, on their population, and he becomes a criminal.

Springbok223 (18/08/22 @ 09:37)

@michael - no he isn't, it is the Yanks making a big fuss about a nothing incident. The Yanks hate anyone getting the better of them.

Springbok223 (02/10/22 @ 09:31)

As always the Yanks want everything their way and sod the rest of the world. We wanted that pilot who killed Sgt Roberts and the woman who killed the young motorcyclist in Northants, we handed over some bankers tro the |US who took over a year to bring the case to court. Everything one-way with the USA.

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