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Norfolk to join roll out of domestic abuse caution scheme

Johnny7 (04/12/19 @ 21:03)

No doubt at some time in the not too distant future, we will be reading about some poor woman who has been murdered by her partner after he went on one of these workshops. Her blood will be on PCC Greens hands. Yet again, a scheme to save money rather than protect the victims.

Anon (04/12/19 @ 21:16)

Johny7. Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing. I am no fan of the PCC experiment but this scheme appears to be an improvement over the fairly meaningless adult caution schemes that do not specifically address domestic abuse offending. I think it's worth a try as even if first time offenders were charged and went to court a custodial sentence is highly unlikely. As with all of these type of courses it will only change the mindset of the changeable with a proportion beyond help and who will end up inside.

Hank (05/12/19 @ 11:08)

I've talked to people who have been on CARA from when this was first piloted. This scheme looks to address root causes rather than simply give a conviction that does nothing else. We need more of these schemes.

vertical (07/01/20 @ 10:07)

This type of crime is committed by people who will not be bothered by being cautioned and will reoffend

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