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Norfolk confirms DCC with 20-year career in the same force

Anon (18/12/19 @ 15:55)

Privilege - One of the authorised words to be used on promotion to a Chief Officer post ticked off. He will go far...

Johnny7 (18/12/19 @ 19:01)

Plus all the other adjectives he used. Mind you, all that time in one force, not exactly a broad range of experience in a variety of challenging environments.

PMac (18/12/19 @ 20:19)

8 ranks in 19 years. Including sideways moves to CID. And 5 months experience as ACC. Impressive.

Anon (18/12/19 @ 23:05)

PMac. Yes all in little old Norfolk. His breadth of experience must be incredible. My experience of Norfolk is that policing is akin to "Hot Fuzz" on a quiet day.

David F (19/12/19 @ 20:51)

As he was the sole applicant he can claim he is the very best applicant for the position in a third division force

Sartor (19/12/19 @ 23:06)

Without implying any criticism of this officer whatsoever the practice of appointing chief officers with total service in the same Force is inimical to the interests of the Force. As with centralised promotion exams it took years of bad local practices before they were centralised. Similarly with in-Force promotions that led to years of poor management and even corruption in some areas. Even after the rule of "outside" chiefs was introduced I saw how a favoured applicant was excused the "outside" Force test. The outcome was not good. The Inspectorate should continue to monitor this trend and prevent it happening again unless there is a very good reason.

Anon (22/12/19 @ 10:25)

Sartor. Jobs for the boys and girls I'm afraid. NPCC is still the most protectionist and self serving club in the UK. Its re labeling from ACPO was merely a change of sign over the door. The same elitist attitude persists to the detriment of everyone in policing.

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