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Norfolk and Suffolk rapped over crime recording procedures

Springbok223 (07/01/20 @ 07:03)

They still have not corrected the problem reported in 2014, it is now 2020, so what have they been doing in the last FIVE years, someone needs a good talking to or a discipline case.

Paul (07/01/20 @ 10:03)

For anyone connected with business in Norfolk and Suffolk this won't be any surprise as reporting crime and getting a crime number takes a great deal of persistence. Goes to show that the training is clearly lacking if people don't even know what crime needs to be recorded.

vertical (07/01/20 @ 10:04)

The article speaks of recording online crime, the police are not interested in recording such crimes

Anonymous (07/01/20 @ 10:33)

And then Norfolk appoint as chief their deputy, who has been in the force 20 years. Part of the old culture, part of the problem. Needs new blood at the top

Res ipsa loquitor (07/01/20 @ 11:59)

This is part of a wider issue. Scenario : I believe I am victim of a relatively minor crime (say some grafitti sprayed on my garage door). Distressing for me, yes. Value to clean up

vertical (07/01/20 @ 13:30)

In days gone by it was called "cuffing crime" looks like it's back

IPSG (07/01/20 @ 14:50)

If PSDs are also failing to ensure crimes are recorded within 24 hours and often deliberately ignore Home Office Counting Rules, it not surprising that PCs may not be familiar with the rules.

Anthony (07/01/20 @ 15:59)

I must say that when I retired an moved to Norfolk I was very disappointed with their 101 service. I tried to report what appeared to be a lost or stolen vehicle, that was likely to be used in a quick change over following a robbery. It had all the classical features of a vehicle to be used a the final get away vehicle. During my service I had dealt with a number of such situations and the last one we had armed officers set up on the site. This finished with a fire fight and two robbers shot, the others had the good sense to surrender. I explained to the operator what I found and was told to contact the council as it was their problem, and not a matter for the police.The next ten minutes I was very uncomfortable and the operator was very patronising and even questioned who I paid my council rates to. I appeared to be the only one listening and before I could explain I had been on the Home Office Committee that made the police reporting rules, the line was disconnected. Not one of Norfolk’s finest moments.

PMac (08/01/20 @ 08:28)

Glad to see nothing changes. This issue has been live since long before I joined in the 70s, and the introduction of League tables, and performance indicators simply made it more fun for those involved in playing with the statistics. The 8,700 missing crimes should be recorded, and immediately "No Crimed" so that the detected percentage goes up ! Then HMI can concentrate on someone else.

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