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MP wades into row over local policing and 'Bungay Mafia'

Anon (20/02/20 @ 16:17)

He has done nerve to make these criticisms after the decimation of policing by the Tories. What was his voting record in relation to cuts to policing? Did he make a stand when the huge cuts were being made by Cameron and May? I guess not...

A Nony Mouse (20/02/20 @ 19:08)

He's not the first Tory to criticise his local force for a poor response to an issue as a certain Ms Priti Patel and a Mr D Cameron also wrote to their local CC to ask why local police stations had been close.

bratman (20/02/20 @ 21:48)

sticking plaster policing.

ASG (21/02/20 @ 02:26)

Don’t you love an a Tory mp who complains about a police response a problem to protect his own skin

Springbok223 (21/02/20 @ 08:25)

Mr Aldous should be contacting M

Springbok223 (21/02/20 @ 10:19)

Could they not have found a better pic of Aldous(perhaps not!!!!!!!!!!!!!). he looks as if he has escaped from somewhere.

Res ipsa loquitor (21/02/20 @ 11:37)

Seaside town with not much going on, nothing for young people to do in any organised way, lower economic wealth, relatively little employment opportunity, rubbish public transport. Who could have guessed there might be an ASB issue? Anybody heard the term "county lines" perhaps? Regardless of the politics - isn't this the kind of problem which, if tackled hard and fast (proportionately etc) resolves the issues and enables resources to be properly deployed in the medium and longer term.

Interested (21/02/20 @ 13:08)

The local station was closed down and a promise made to cover it from a busy town many miles distant. It was entirely predictable the criminal fraternity would work out they had nothing to fear. It was a force decision to withdraw from this community.

Anon (24/02/20 @ 23:58)

Perhaps Peter could become a Special Constable to help out at the sharp end! No that would be a sight to behold! 😂😂

Johnny7 (25/02/20 @ 18:55)

He'd had to shave and get a haircut before he put on a uniform.

fbcol. (27/02/20 @ 17:42)

He should be telling his look alike disheveled boss in government to do something to repair the last 10 years of Tory cuts, austerity and wanton neglect practised by him and his mates.

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