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Police review communications as COVID-19 plan changes

Anon (16/03/20 @ 11:59)

Interesting concepts. In my force we regularly struggle to cover emergency response jobs. In fact I have just looked at the dispatch que and there are 38 jobs waiting for deployment. Considering that "How the hell" do government and our glorious leaders at NPCC think we can meaningfully contribute to any of their "Whizz Bang" measures!

paul webb (16/03/20 @ 13:21)

Has someone been smoking the wacky baccy? Arresting people for failing to comply to the covid 19. Where are they going to take them to? My old force only has 3 custody suites left. If the prisoner is infected will that cause the entire custody suite to be locked down for 14 days. Why not just shoot them and save all the messing about? Sorry that will never be contemplated will it?

Slawomir (17/03/20 @ 06:52)

more of an issue will be the self isolation. If one of your family members is ill you are supposed to have 2 weeks off. Wait and watch how that distroyes those low resources we have :/

Res ipsa loquitor (17/03/20 @ 12:14)


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