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'Gutted' officers react after Sergeant exams cancelled by CoP

ExInsp (17/03/20 @ 11:37)

Some of the comments on social media were totally outrageous. It's not like they're all going to be laid off tomorrow, like some people might be. So the exam has been postponed for a while? It's nothing compared to the misery that others are having to suffer.

Paul (17/03/20 @ 11:58)

More time to revise and make sure they pass. take the positive out of it.

Res ipsa loquitor (17/03/20 @ 12:17)

A disappointment of course. But in the grand scheme of things. I do expect the CoP and forces to do the right thing too. No change to syllabus, refund if someone travelled for an exam but couldn't sit it, Acting posts with benefits etc.

A Nony Mouse (17/03/20 @ 13:03)

I don't see the logic given the job we do. What is the difference between working in an office with 50 people like I do and taking an exam with a similar number of people. We are still going out arresting people, making enquiries and interviewing suspects, and the people who should have been sitting the exam will be back in the same environment tomorrow.

ANON (17/03/20 @ 19:01)

Couldn’t agree more read some of the comments last night not the image the public expect its just makes more enemy’s for us . We mustn’t loose sight that another opportunity will come around there are many family’s tonight who are mourning the loss of loved ones and we are very much at the beginning of this crisis.

PMac (18/03/20 @ 07:14)

There is no exam for Superintendent or Commissioner. Why not adopt whatever procedure is used in those cases.

Springbok223 (18/03/20 @ 09:02)

Spot on - The Headmaster of the C of P says you cannot take the exam. I note that the C of P has not shut down.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest (19/03/20 @ 18:18)

Because they've all done the sergeants' and inspectors' exam and shown their understanding of the complexities of the law.

Guest (19/03/20 @ 18:19)

@ANON I wish more people thought about our reputation like this. Spot-on.

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