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Follow coronavirus advice for first responders, says Fed

Anonanon (19/03/20 @ 02:26)

The METS obsession with hot desking (selling off estate and cramming more and more into less and less) is sadly shown AGAIN to be ..ahem..short sighted. But as ever those wearing the hindsight goggles never seem to catch up with those which oversaw all this madness.

Anon (19/03/20 @ 11:43)

Ha Ha. We have rubber gloves and that's it. Just expected to get on with it. Asked our governor about masks and protective glasses and he laughed out loud.

Tangi (19/03/20 @ 21:09)

Have the officers been fully trained in Dynamic Risk Assessment in respect of COVID-19. Or are they required to wing it. The authorities love to use the term DRA but as they have identified the risks they must prove written control measures to reduce the risk. Its easy to write "do a DRA" and when it goes wrong say its the officer who got it wrong not us.

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