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Paying specials among civil contingency response options

Belligerent Badger (18/03/20 @ 20:37)

I know these are unprecedented times, but officers are tired of hearing about meetings. The PPE most officers have been given ranges from non-existent to inadequate. I have messed that some stations don’t even have hand sanitizer.

Slawomir (18/03/20 @ 20:44)

just give us the bloody test. I am stuck at home for another 11 day ls, because my wife did have caugh (which is not a terrible one) when I could be out and about helping my mates and reassuring the public.

Anon (19/03/20 @ 11:50)

We most definitely DO NOT have access to face masks and hand sanitizer. To say that we do is utter bull*hit! Why do NPCC ranks find it so easy to lie!

Bill (19/03/20 @ 16:22)

Surprised there was not at least a reaching out to retirees as a scoping contingency exercise weeks ago to identify potential volunteers to relieve desk staff to operational duties. There's a lot of experience out there, and I would guess no shortage of volunteers to assist. I wrote to my local force a week ago offering to volunteer having 33 years to call on as well as still valid security vetting ... no reply.

Anon (19/03/20 @ 17:54)

Bill. It is because the SMT have no idea what they are doing from day to day.

Anonanon (20/03/20 @ 21:42)

A large slice of SMT do not achieve rank due to dynamism,'head above the parapet' forward thinking. Frankly the much vaunted 'herd mentality' could be applied. Lets 'Keep our heads down, don't get noticed, keep to message' and we will be all right.

Anonymous (23/03/20 @ 17:30)

Ive not been supplied any protective equipment,i should be looking for it either ,it should have been provided.I have thin rubber gloves and a non alcoholic spray as protection against this virus.I and others who have not self isolated are playing Russian roulette everyday

Thewayitwas (26/03/20 @ 17:35)

They think it’s not going to happen to them . 2 weeks ago or back even further they should have had a back up force ready even if they don’t use it. They should implement it now before its too late....wake up leaders. Plenty of us recently retired could jump into investigations or more and let officers onto the street if required.

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