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Speeding drivers take advantage of quieter roads and MOT exemption

George Dixon's Ghost (26/03/20 @ 15:36)

I'm thinking of an array of anglo saxon words that would describe my contempt for the utter low life scum who are putting so many good folks at risk with their criminal and vile behaviour words fail me and it makes me so angry that idiots like the above article refers to are putting the lives of others whether it be emergency service workers NHS highways and recovery truck staff and the public alike at serious risk and burden, jail time as well as bans and fines need to be metered out. I had experience of one piece of vermin last night drug driving who was vile to us paramedics and NHS staff. He can get ready.

Res ipsa loquitor (27/03/20 @ 14:12)

Is this the time to step-up tactical contact. I suggest we mandate a minimum contact speed, say 60mph by the police vehicle regardless of the speed of the moped. That should do it.

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