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Over 300 former Met officers respond to call to return to force

INSIDEOUT (07/04/20 @ 11:42)

300 who have been utterly duped..crime in London is down 40% according to MPS own internal data, these poor sods will either be given endless constant watches to perform as PCs because others will arrogantly think they aren't match fit to be out and about or as Sergeants they will be stuck on never ending Aid Serials..the greatest con job since they gave Cressida Dick the Commissioner post..

Anon (07/04/20 @ 15:20)

Good luck to them as they are going to need it!

Anonanon (07/04/20 @ 21:44)

It does seem at odds that the Met are actively reaching out for retirees and re-joiners when they have also put out that crime figures are down and calls requiring an active response have shrunk. Planning ahead? Possibly,but being ahead of the game is not really something I have witnessed that often in senior management. Borough units will be worst affected by absences. Borough uniform and CID are the engine room of the Met,but on my observation over the years the least appreciated. I do respect those stepping up.For most it wont be the extra income. As insideout points out I just hope they don't get dumped on.

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