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Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Specials suspended over online chat

paul webb (22/04/20 @ 09:31)

Snowflakes don't you love them.Their obsession with the social media and the fact they are stupid enough to actually post this kind of filth shows that they are not fit to be bobbies.

Paul (22/04/20 @ 14:23)

Idiots with degrees. Shows why everyone should have one - NOT.

Res ipsa loquitor (22/04/20 @ 14:55)

And there was I thinking stupidity knew no bounds - clearly it does....

Johnny7 (22/04/20 @ 15:23)

If you lower recruiting standards to make up the numbers, what do you expect? I expect this type of behaviour is not unusual. They were the one's who were caught. No doubt there are many more amongst the ranks of these types of recruit.

bratman (24/04/20 @ 13:43)

Totally unacceptable behaviour, BUT very typical gross student behaviour. Not making excuses for them but beer and testosterone does strange things to male students their brains sink immediately to their trousers.

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