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Specials will be allowed to join the Fed, Home Office confirms

Anon (24/04/20 @ 12:23)

I'm sure Northamptonshire will be delighted at the use of that photo. Adam Simmonds, a very dangerous man who almost destroyed the force as part of his political experiment. If anyone ever needs reminding of the destruction that PCC's have caused, just look up Simmonds.

Metinsp (24/04/20 @ 14:22)

Long overdue

24229540 (24/04/20 @ 16:28)

And abut time too!

24229540 (24/04/20 @ 16:42)

To add to my earlier comment. My own service included some 5 years as a dedicated Specials Liaison Officer. Whilst on one level they are all mad, volunteering to do for nothing that for which I was paid, they offered the only realistic trained reserve the police had/have. I also served 30 years in the Territorial Army and never understood why, other than parsimony, these invaluable, mad volunteers were effectively unrewarded - you get what you pay for. Take the logical step and pay these officers. Yes at the basic rate, but pay them. They deserve it!

paul webb (24/04/20 @ 18:25)

I have long argued that the Specials should have been treated as the Military does with its reserve forces. Pay them for the hours that they work. Ensure that they are properly trained etc. I have worked with fantastic specials over the years.

Thewayitwas (28/04/20 @ 13:07)

A lot has changed over the years in regards to Specials and as an ex Special and then Officer I also welcome these changes. I can honestly say that some of the specials I worked with were better than some regulars! Glad they are getting Fed support.

Marty (16/09/20 @ 11:47)

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