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Seven-force partnership policing degree deal with Anglia Ruskin

paul webb (15/06/20 @ 15:00)

How much is this lunacy costing? Surely it can not be cheaper than the old regional training schools. Then of course they only produced police officers not degree entrants who will gleefully take the 3 years to obtain a Bsc then promptly disappear over the horizon with a cracking CV a free degree and 3 years salary and no student debt. I would love to see the wastage figures of these officers in the years to come. Unless of course the powers that be do not care as they get 3 years of service and never have to worry about them doing the full 35 years and getting a full pension.

Anon (16/06/20 @ 13:12)

Keerching ££££ for Anglia Ruskin. That is of course what the Tories and their servants at the CoP wanted. It's all falling to place nicely!

Anon (16/06/20 @ 13:20)

The proportion of BAME degree holders and those taking A levels is in fact much smaller than for non BAME individuals. So how can it be possible that this will increase diversity in entrants to policing. It simply wont and there is plenty of evidence to show that it wont. CoP are being economical with the truth at best.

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