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College of Policing announces new training package for Specials

24229540 (15/06/20 @ 18:20)

Given the inclination of police management to view the Special Constabulary as a kindergarten for regular officers, this long overdue. And I still say pay the SC.

Anon (15/06/20 @ 19:26)

Perhaps the CoP may wish to devote some effort in designing CPD training for police officers. I have been in for 25 years and like most officers have recieved virtually no annual CPD training to cover new legislation and procedures. Its expected that you pick things up as you go along or by some miracle of osmosis! We have two days of OST each year but forces dont view CPD in law and practice as important.

Anonanon (15/06/20 @ 21:15)

CoP are and always have been so out of touch with what's going on out there. Their obsession with the need for degrees/or apprenticeships towards such is doomed to fail on a numbers basis.They wont get enough in over the periods involved to cover the losses by these retiring or getting out. Cheaper, in the long term to invest in reinventing regional training centres and back to the intensive 14-20 week courses rather than farming things out to third tier university partners who are desperate for the funding and clearly with NO history of getting these courses right.

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