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Covert stings by paedophile hunter groups ‘do not breach human rights’

Johnny7 (15/07/20 @ 11:36)

If you want the right to privacy under ECHR, don't engage in paedophilia. Simple. It's a pity this judgement won't apply to all offenders, ie, if you break the law, you forfeit any rights granted under ECHR. The lawyers won't like it, but the victims will.

USER67 (15/07/20 @ 13:44)

Bloke thinks he should be able to abuse children privately. This did make me laugh out loud.

Thewayitwas (16/07/20 @ 12:14)

At last a common sense decision as far to often we see these offenders getting off over a technical defence. It is a sad state of affairs to have these groups having to track these sex offenders for the police and there must be some guidance to stop them messing up any prosecutions. But from a documentary I saw they are investigation savvy it’s just they don’t look like cops, who cares if it scares the ###p out the culprits. In an ideal world they wouldn’t have to do it but it’s not and the police are struggling. As an ex cop they get my vote to catch these individuals ( I can’t write what I want to call the offenders!)

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