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PSNI urges community leaders to influence violent youngsters

retired brief (19/07/20 @ 14:00)

This response epitomises the top leadership of the PSNI these days. Calling upon elders to influence the behaviour of the younger element, which is what those elders have been doing for years, from encouraging them to riot, throw petrol bombs to wearing balaclava's and carrying armalite rifles. The current chief constable produces a new PSNI badge without the words Northern Ireland on it - promptly thrown in the bin! Publishes a picture of himself looking like a little boy wearing his fathers uniform and cap which is far to big for him. No actual strategy for dealing with long standing deep rooted violently fatal problems in the province, just cosmetic nonsense.

Tangi (20/07/20 @ 12:24)

Why have the PSNI not identified which side of the community the rioters etc come from. Which side is being attacked? It is in my view a hate crime. As for the 12 being mainly peaceful. Again, the trouble came from one side of the community and it was not those marching.

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