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College of Policing updates COVID-19 enforcement advice

Anon (20/07/20 @ 19:02)

I suppose CoP have to find something to do!

DT (20/07/20 @ 22:07)

How ridiculous that the local authority need to give notice to close an illegal music party prior to enforcement action. Time to replace it with giving the senior Police Officer present the power to close it down & disperse those attending.

Anonanon (20/07/20 @ 22:33)

CoP are a useless quango pretending to offer real time advice to the actual hard working officers out there. The above is so vague as to be pointless.

paul webb (22/07/20 @ 17:30)

Now the country and the rest of the world has been brought to its knees economically due to this outbreak of what is a super flu. 30,000 people die in the UK every year due to flu this thing has managed to kill another 15,000 and God alone how many of them were actually killed by covid 19 is anybodies guess. The cost is in the billions and people are dying because the NHS has thrown the kitchen sink at covid 19 and let everybody else expire with cancers etc. Now the useless quangos are giving out their pearls of wisdom. Mass gatherings are still banned unless it is a BLM march or a travelers funeral. Sorry having a senior moment and rant!

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