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Force focus: Suffolk

David F (06/08/20 @ 06:47)

This is typical of the nonsense that Mr Passmore spouts at regular intervals, In 1996 the Force was rated as excellent for the way it handle the multiple murders by Steve Wright. 10 years later it was rated by the CHMI as the worst force in the country together with Cumbria. In the following years the CHMI found it was again the worst force for neighbour hood policing and also discovered they were cuffing crime including serious rapes. When the current Chief Constable was the Deputy he wrote to me stating the force did not investigate criminal fraud and refused to take any action to prevent victims being defrauded of up to £350,000 each. He refused to advise a national Estate Agency that by advertising Land for sale together with a wreck of a houseboat for that amount with "Freehold tenure" in the full knowledge the land belonged to the County Borough of Ipswich and not the houseboat owner, was fraudulent. He also stated that his DCI had advised him that it was not an offence contrary to the Fraud Act which demonstrated his own lack of knowledge of the law and his DCI's. He then retired being brought out of retirement to be Chief Constable because not a single officer in the UK wanted to run the worst force in the country under Mr Passmore (Known as useless Eustace). Add to that the force detection rate is now so low they fail to publish it, officers fail to visit crime scenes, refuse to arrest and charge criminals because it is not cost effective and are invisible to the public. I know of one failure to attend a 999 call which led to two people being killed (covered up). There are no police stations left in Suffolk and now the idiots in charge have moved the Force HQ to NORFOLK. You could not make it up The Force is a total shambles and I am embarrassed to admit I once was a Suffolk Officer; as are most pensioners I know,

Pipsthoughts (10/08/20 @ 13:14)

Their training programme is much better too now and they are supported by external companies. My other half just had a driving course for Sentinel. He would have been waiting ages otherwise. Seems as though there are some forward thinking managers there. Well done Suffolk!

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