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New training to be developed for officers dealing with unwell detainees

24229540 (11/08/20 @ 12:05)

The training should be simple. Carry out any appropriate arrest whilst calling for medical support to asses the medical situation. If the medical assessment supports the need for medical treatment, or further assessment then consideration can be given to escorting the detained person, street bail, or dearrest.

BobbyP (11/08/20 @ 12:24)

The scrutiny in this job now is through the stratosphere! Its bordering on harassment!! We're expected to be paramedics now as well as social workers, mental health professionals and relationship councillors. Roll on 8 years and I'm gone!

Anon (11/08/20 @ 12:52)

Simple. Any suspect who states they are unwell for any reason upon arrest then call for an ambulance straight away. We are not medical professionals we get 6 hours basic first aid refresher training each year for goodness sake!

Anon (11/08/20 @ 12:57)

So watch every arrest develop in to a faux medical episode resulting in de arrest only for the detainee to make a miraculous recovery as they walk of down the road laughing. We may as well give up.

George Dixon's Ghost (11/08/20 @ 13:30)

I get how we need to be mindful of medical conditions and episodes, but we are getting to the stage where we are so hamstrung, we will not function ... utterly crazy dont stop anyone dont arrest anyone dont even breath at anyone or look at them.. still i get paid on the 28th and if tgats the mentality of the cops they want .. reap what you so ..

paul webb (11/08/20 @ 13:31)

So glad I am retired, the endless unremitting attacks on the police are so soul destroying. Now every scrot will roll about on the floor like a professional footballer who has had his ankles tapped. The bobbies will in the current climate of fear will back off screaming for the paramedics and watch the scrot get up and run away laughing his socks off.

USER67 (11/08/20 @ 14:26)

Lawful arrest. No misconduct. Maybe had the idiot moved his car when told to and not resisted arrest, he wouldn't have suffered a seizure.

Anonymous (12/08/20 @ 16:01)

Especially if they are BAME.

DT (13/08/20 @ 15:54)

I wonder if the complainant received feedback about how he should have engaged in a conversation with the Officer & complied with the instruction to move his car. Perhaps he should reflect on his actions too. Communication is a 2 way thing after all.

Anon (13/08/20 @ 18:03)

What a load of old tripe. So person kicks off and officers have to reflect on thir behaviour.

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