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Interview: a change of image

Anon (11/08/20 @ 23:43)

Yawn! Goodbye Mike. Your time is up!

George Dixon's Ghost (12/08/20 @ 01:38)

he was a massive part of the problem, smoke screening assaults stats at Staffordshire when he was Chief there

George Dixon's Ghost (12/08/20 @ 01:51)

if you want to see the article I'm referring to, just search on police Oracle Mike Cunningham Staffordshire, and see the article " officer reductions cannot be blamed for assaults rise" it was published on 9th July 2014?? That tells you all you need to know about this guy.

Springbok223 (12/08/20 @ 13:37)

If Cunningham said that he noticed from the first day, why didn't he do something about it two years back instead of now. Too busy building his 'Empire'.

Annoymous. (14/08/20 @ 06:11)

The College of policing is full of useless cops and excops like Cunningham,.Gambling etc.

Anonymous (15/08/20 @ 01:45)

Unfortunately nice chap but out of his depth. Lancs and Staffs was his background. Never hands on and fast tracked.

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