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Stephen Lawrence investigation moved to ‘inactive’ phase

USER67 (11/08/20 @ 17:43)

Enough is enough now.

Annoymous. (11/08/20 @ 21:11)

I was disgusted the way DCI Clive Driscoll was treated. I was humbled by his demeanour and character. I bet if he was allowed to carry on more convictions would have resulted.

Annoymous. (12/08/20 @ 06:14)

You dont get it do you ? Why are British Police Officers deployed to Portugal, a country that is an independent sovereign state and an ally. Ben Needham's family didn't get the same treatment. Stephen was subject to a racist murder in our nation. The whole job was mishandled from the get go and justice denied in the main because of the Met's failings. The only exception were the efforts of DCI Clive Driscoll.

Paul (12/08/20 @ 15:49)

A very sad case that exposed failings in the Metropolitan Police. Thanks to the persistence of some detectives and an eye watering amount of money thrown at the staffing and forensics Two males have been convicted. Does every murder investigation get the same level of staffing and funding? As an ex SIO I wish every murder victim was given the same level of support and funding, sadly they are not. Commissioner Dick has assured any new lines of enquiry will be followed up how much more can you give? Some have got away with murder for the time being BUT never say never.

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