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Force recruits stage sit-in at campus

JJB (12/08/20 @ 17:04)

The headline is is very misleading and sensationalist - ‘staging a sit-in’ implies this was some sort of protest by the officers . The article is actually about a force collaboration with a university - something completely different!

24229540 (12/08/20 @ 18:36)

Excellent demonstration of a force being part of its community. Despite the headline!

A Nony Mouse (12/08/20 @ 19:12)

Its good if done right but it can be done badly. I did a two year foundation degree at a uni as part of my police training. We used a room in a basement at the edge of the uni which in a building which only we had access to. We weren't using police computers or programmes and we didn't have any PPE with us so we weren't segregated for security reasons, so the way we were treated always felt strange.

Paul (13/08/20 @ 11:11)

A sensationalist headline worthy of the News of the World itself.

Anon (17/08/20 @ 07:11)

Strange headline. Trying to get a few Sun or Daily Star readers!

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