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Forces must think about future threats, Cunningham warns

PCsensible (17/08/20 @ 19:55)

It funny if police systems weren't already 10 years out of date when they are rolled out branded as "NEW" and "GROUND BREAKING" we might be less likely to have a cyber attack

George Dixon's Ghost (17/08/20 @ 19:55)

Wise words Mike.... stating the blooming obvious, we need to prepare and weren't. Policing was not ready due to the millions cut and experienced staffing lost, did you mention that any where none of the great and good including the Police foundation think tank???. What the hell that is I don't know, apart from Cunningham on another gravy train with Charles Clark Sue Mountstevens etc, some stella cast there, all good at offering their so called expertise. How about speaking to the guys and gals on the streets and see what they have to say rather than the armchair warriors, sorry we are just grunts and know nothing..

Anon (17/08/20 @ 20:38)

Cunningham states the obvious and talks in the third person as if CoP are somehow exempt from criticism. Surely CoP should have been at the vanguard of developing and implementing best practice for dealing with a pandemic such as Covid19. A good trophy document to go on Cunningham's CV will set him up perfectly for some lucrative consultancy work in retirement!

Anon (17/08/20 @ 20:41)

Expert Advisory Group! Who made these people experts and what specific expertise do they hold in this field? I would love to know.

Anonymous (18/08/20 @ 09:09)

The greatest threat to policing comes from within. The diversity obsessed NPCC and the IOPC. Who cares about the tax paying public, because these two organisations don't.

Paul (18/08/20 @ 11:34)

The biggest problem faced is the culture of younger generations who have never been told no and won't accept that the law applies to them. Policing COVID would have been a lot easier if people adhered to the guidelines but too many believe that the laws of the land don't apply to them. Look at the illegal raves as an example, another in Birmingham at the weekend. Just people who know they can flaunt the law because there is no consequence to breaking it. Society is failing and COVID has shown that we have become a self interest society where we complain about everything unless they get there own way.

DT (19/08/20 @ 02:34)

I can only speak for my experience in the Met. We had a Borough Operations Office which ran everything from major public events to staffing for Notting Hill Carnival. As Operations Inspector, my Sgt and I would meet regularly with our Council counterparts. Occasionally, there would be table top or mock exercises involving other Emergency Services & partner agencies. It all worked rather well. Good local knowledge, contacts & networks established. Help was just a phone call away. Then the Super Boroughs arrived & all those local connections were lost. I suspect that they are too big of a beast to engage with all of the partners regularly.

Annoymous. (20/08/20 @ 08:56)

The biggest threat is poor leadership. How some of the dross get to NPCC, Supt and Insp ranks is beyond comprehension. Then we have the dream factory, the College of Policing. It goes back to poor leadership and individuals at senior levels who were never decent coppers be it theif takers, community policing experts, detectives, ops etc. Poor leadership results in a disjointed, low moral ineffective polhce service. Biggest threat = Leadership or lack jf.

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