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Hewitt pays tribute in Xmas message after 'challenging' year

Kkkkkkkkkk (26/12/20 @ 09:29)

Ah yes.......the seasonal let’s ‘praise them but not pay them properly thread’........speaking of which I haven’t seen Pritels yet.

Springbok223 (27/12/20 @ 09:41)

Looks as if she cannot be bothered, or she hasn't bullied a Civil Servant in to writing her Christmas comments to the Police Service. Not a nice woman by all accounts. Has done so little since she has been at the Home Office. Hasn't put a stop to illegals coming across the channel after all the 'bull' we heard from her when she first got the job. She is starting to make Mrs May look the best Home Secretary ever)(instead of the worst).

Picachu (27/12/20 @ 09:43)

Stick it up your arse you incompetent clown. The sooner you pass off to be the head of some 3rd sector quango the better.

retired brief (27/12/20 @ 15:16)

The Christmas message to the police rank and file that I am waiting for with bated breath is the one from IOPC. I am sure it will be full of admiration for the most dangerous and difficult work the police are faced with in these days of surging crime, drug dealing, anti social behaviour, terrorism, mental health issues, etc., etc., etc. Sorry, I found this joke in a Christmas cracker.

Anon (27/12/20 @ 22:36)

NPCC wheel out the annual praise book of quotes. It woyld have been more believable if they had come out fighting in relation to the pay freeze, but oh no they rolled over and accepted the bull*hit from government about spending restraint while friends of Tory ministers rake in 100 of millions in Covid19 contracts. There is need for restraint when a Tories pockets are to be lined!

Springbok223 (28/12/20 @ 08:35)

You must be joking rb, the IOPC hate the police and will do anything they can to 'bag a copper', but are quick to rush to a crims relatives with a 'condolences card' and a 'bunch of flowers'. They are the most incompetent department in the UK and their investigation skills are below ZERO. If any other department in the government took more than a year(5 years in several cases)to investigate an incident the department would be shut down. I don't think they have investigated anything in less than six months.

retired brief (29/12/20 @ 11:33)

@Springbok223 I was joking, hence my reference to finding the joke about them in a Christmas cracker.

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