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Rural taskforces deploy after rise in hare coursing

USER67 (20/02/21 @ 13:14)

Excellent work! Underappreciated problems and cops!

Johnny7 (20/02/21 @ 18:35)

Waste of time giving CBOs to travellers. They should be locked up, vehicles crushed, dogs rehomed.

bratman (25/02/21 @ 18:58)

While we're at it how about effectively policing the hunting fraternity they're driving a pack of hounds through the legislation. Cheshire constabulary routinely turn a blind eye to assaults and vehicle damage on hunt monitors by the hunt followers. There still persists the noblesse oblige attitude in rural Cheshire.

Clipper (26/11/22 @ 10:10)

It would be easier to police if we had not got rid of half of the helicopters the UK police had at their disposal? Why is there no outcry from the forces in these area's about having a helicopter back, (i.e.Humberside) Not just for these crimes, but overall better police presence preventing crime?

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