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History: The day Yvonne Fletcher was murdered

paul webb (26/02/21 @ 09:06)

Sorry but the George medal which is the civilian equivalent of the military Victoria Cross is awarded for acts of bravery above and beyond the call of duty. Pc Fletcher was the victim of a cowardly attack on protestors outside the embassy. She was standing with her back to the embassy and was fatally wounded. I do not know if she could get the QPM but again sorry she should not get the George Medal.

Anthony (26/02/21 @ 11:03)

Yes I remember that day very well. I also remember the days spent at the back of the Embassy armed with my wooden truncheon in a very unforgiving mood. We had one armed officer with us and he wasn’t going to be idle if there was a breakout. Such suppressed anger was palpable for a very long time. It was not a surprise when the the embassy staff walked out, we all knew the safety of British people in Libya were at stake. The diplomatic agreements were made for responsible governments; and not dysfunctional terrorist led regimes.

Treated Like S**t Rat (26/02/21 @ 13:23)

I'm going to beg to differ on that one. George Cross can be the highest award to a civilian, and if so would equate to the VC being the highest for a military person. I was sure that the RUC were collectively awarded the GC, as were the civilian populace of Malta. Everyone seems to get the QPM for merely doing their job at SMT level. Hardly a fitting tribute to this brave young lady

Springbok223 (28/02/21 @ 17:32)

@Treated Like S**t Rat - agree entirely. Nobody in SMT ever died doing the job, but they almost automatically get a QPM for just being a CC, DCC or ACC. I cannot think of many at the top who didn't get a QPM, some even get a Knighthood, and some Met Commissioners appear to get a Lordship, even if they were useless at the job, i.e ...I will let you guess that one.

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