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Devon and Cornwall plans biggest-ever operation for G7 summit

Springbok223 (16/04/21 @ 14:18)

What a stupid place to hold the G7 - there will be absolute chaos in St Ives for days before and a few after. It will cost more money than it ever makes for the West Country. The policing bill with be hundreds of thousands, food accommodation, travel costs for mutual aid officers etc etc. But lets hope it goes off OK with few problems. Best of Luck Cornwall, and Devon and Cornwall Police. No doubt Sawyer will be hoping for a Knighthood if everything works out OK, and local Mayor and council reps looking for 'pats on the back' and claiming a few bob in expenses.

Anon (16/04/21 @ 23:05)

Indeed. I have visited this beautiful area many times. The infrastructure is simply not there for such an event. June is peak season for tourism. I am sure local entrepreneurs will be hugely impacted just when they are trying to recoup much needed income post Lockdown. All sounds rather ridiculous!

paul webb (18/04/21 @ 13:57)

Do hope that they do not run out of cream tea's. I always wonder why the idiot politicians hold these events in places that will not cope. It would be cheaper and easier to hire a cruise liner for a few days

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