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The link between cocaine use and football hooliganism

Geoffrey (06/05/21 @ 13:32)

Really... a football hooligan in the 70 and 80’s sometimes used alcohol, now cocaine is more readily available is it really worth academic research to suggest they now use this . I do despair with all this research from people who have never encountered the real world.

PCsensible (06/05/21 @ 14:14)

No sh*t Sherlock springs to mind

Jensen2021 (06/05/21 @ 22:29)

Literally anything can be called research nowadays. It’s well known that cocaine causes aggression, especially when mixed with alcohol. Amazing how pompous academics will pat themselves on the back over this common sense, whilst police roll their eyes, and say ‘yep we’ve known that for a long time chaos, now if you don’t mind, we’ve got some actual work to do.’

Jensen2021 (06/05/21 @ 22:30)

*long time chaps’

PMac (07/05/21 @ 08:38)

Oh for the Good Old Days of hunting Paul Scarrott round the pubs near Forest and County. week after week, year after year. What better way can you think of spending a Saturday afternoon in winter !

Robert Charles (07/05/21 @ 14:30)

You don't say !!! And the point of this research is ? There's 5 minutes of my life I will never get back.

Bob French (10/05/21 @ 09:47)

Who’d have thought. Perhaps crime and drugs are linked too?

Pirlo (11/05/21 @ 18:27)

Football 'lads' have been squaring off for nearly 50 years. It was at it's worst in the 80's when cocaine was a drug unavailable to most hooligans - how does the prof explain that?

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