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Corrupt PC who used uniform to seize £850,000 in criminal cash jailed

Thewayitwas (13/05/21 @ 17:58)

A criminal in a police officers uniform probably never a police officer or no intention to be.

Anon (13/05/21 @ 20:36)

So what was the sentence that he received individually? A long one lets hope!

Anonanon (14/05/21 @ 00:48)

Basically this job was run within the Mets own DPP. Put to bed with a conviction in just over a year from start to finish. Still the IOPC, claiming oversight, had to crow about the result. I doubt they could've a got a file together by now. As for the attempt at mitigation by his defence barrister... I don't know how they keep their faces straight in court

paul webb (14/05/21 @ 09:40)

He got 8 years out in 4. Met sorted this out from the off. The IOPC would still be trying to find the car keys for Audi Quattro!! Love the way they jumped on the bandwagon as if they had actually done anything

A Nony Mouse (14/05/21 @ 10:50)

Can't wait for the IOPC to come out with some learning for the MPS. What's the betting its something like 'don't employ corrupt police' or 'slow down your investigations as they make us look bad.'

Den1964 (14/05/21 @ 12:09)

Bit of luck he will lose his pension.

XKnotscop (14/05/21 @ 14:18)

A true AC12 type job. I wonder if Jesus, Mary,Joesph and the wee donkey got mentioned in interview at any stage !!!

Bob French (14/05/21 @ 14:18)

Good riddance. No doubt he’ll be nicked and convicted for bigger things in due course. Shouldn’t have been selected for the job in the first place.

Springbok223 (15/05/21 @ 08:21)

How did that piece of Scum manage to get in the job in the first place. Lets hope he has a rough time in prison.

ASG (16/05/21 @ 06:05)

Several years before I retired in 2013, senior management were concerned about criminal gangs infiltrating the police service in order to gain access to equipment, protocols and most importantly access to intelligence systems.....with the drive for increased diversity, it caused a problem as nobody wanted to been seen as racist..

Pirlo (16/05/21 @ 19:49)

Gonna happen more and more.

retired brief (19/05/21 @ 21:48)

This dope got through the Met's selection process, how?? A complete clown thinking he was oh so clever and being paid off by the mob with fake designer watches. Wonder what his actual police work record was in terms of arrests and public order protection and what his annual staff appraisal reports looked like in these days of woke inspired diversity sniveling and hugging supervision.

Springbok223 (20/05/21 @ 11:41)

He should have received another three years for being so ugly.

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