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Met officer charged over two deaths during pursuit

StandbyOne (19/05/21 @ 21:48)

At first glance this looks like a stitch up..

Anonanon (20/05/21 @ 01:01)

I have had to read through this article a number of times to make sure I'm not missing anything. Nope...this decision is beyond words.

A Nony Mouse (20/05/21 @ 08:33)

Are the CPS trying to say that there is a chain of causality meaning that PC Welch caused Dobby to drive like he did leading to the deaths of Ms Cooper and Makayah?

PCsensible (20/05/21 @ 08:41)

All officers should abort any persuit straight away now based on this. It is not worth it seriously as soon as a vehicle fails to stop turn the engine off give it 5 minutes and drive the other way. It's the only way to protect your job and pension

Thewayitwas (20/05/21 @ 11:07)

This is unbelievable, the guy in prison ( who killed these poor people) is laughing all over his 3 course meals.

Tangi (20/05/21 @ 16:28)

Do not see how they will connect the dots to prove the charge. Someone said no pursuit driving. Better to refuse to drive on duty. Remember it's your licence and insurance you put at risk. As the driver you are not covered by the police insurance. But will not happen driving and firearms are the role officers want. Always think it will not happen to me.

Anthony (20/05/21 @ 16:40)

I’m sorry but I am having great difficulty in understanding what I would normally describe as the logic behind this decision, but the word logic is not the correct word. The word perverse also does not describe this abomination. Is this setting a president that an officer who comes across an armed incident and the offender shoots his way out of the situation, killing others, the officer would also be charged over the deaths of these victims.

Anonymous (22/05/21 @ 02:46)

paul webb (22/05/21 @ 18:07)

2016!! Now they decide that jailing the scrot who killed the pedestrians is not enough. Now they want to have the officers head on a pole as well. If this case goes south and he is convicted the federation needs to inform its members that no one will be exceeding the speed limit for any reason whatsoever. Traffic officers should throw their tickets in.

Plod2020 (24/05/21 @ 13:26)

Surprised they haven’t stuck the FIM on who authorised the pursuit and the dispatcher who was on the channel too for aiding and abetting by not aborting.

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