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Federation still delaying investigations, says IOPC

Anonanon (19/05/21 @ 17:42)

Mmmmm....the proverb involving glass houses and stone throwing springs to mind.

retired brief (19/05/21 @ 21:34)

The Police Federation have a duty to represent the best interests of their members. This duty should not be rushed for the convenience of the OIPC whose record of timeliness in investigations is appalling. As Anonanon points out, people living in glass houses should not throw stones. It takes time to consult with members, especially where the interests of more than one officer is involved, before they are thrown under the bus of the IOPC. Perhaps one line 'no comment' statements should be provided by all federated officers after suitable legal advice. After all, what is sauce for the great unwashed criminal classes should be sauce for hard pushed police officers, who literally had seconds to make a decision in the heat of a very dangerous moment.

Pirlo (20/05/21 @ 09:22)

If you are under the cosh for your incompetence the first line of defence is always blame someone else...

XKnotscop (20/05/21 @ 10:36)

Be interested to see Ms Bassett provide the committee with actual evidenced examples of what she claims. I suspect that there may be only one or two examples and they will probably be for good reasons such as the IOPC not actually telling the officers or the Fed if they are treating them as a witness or suspect!!

Jensen2021 (20/05/21 @ 11:32)

As retired brief says below, the fed, despite not actually being a union, have a duty to represent its members, just like you know...a union! I suspect that the usual idiots from certain quarters will claim that this represents a ‘blue code of silence.’ Forgetting of course that police cannot strike, join a union or political party. Further to that, those same anti police people criticising the Fed, will be the first to defend teachers unions, RMT when they go on strike or make demands.

Springbok223 (20/05/21 @ 11:32)

That is VERY RICH coming from the IOPC complaining about delays, the IOPC holds the world record for delays and slowness, and taking years over some inquiries. Pot, black quickly comes to mind.

Tangi (20/05/21 @ 16:13)

These are statements from officers who are witnesses. How could the fed delay these. It's for the IOPC to deal with the witness direct. It is not for the fed to get these statements

A Nony Mouse (20/05/21 @ 17:59)

How do the Police make progress with investigations in similar situations where witnesses don't make statements and suspects give no comment interviews. Maybe the IOPC should take a leaf out of our book and just get on with investigations rather than whinging about things which are out of their control.

retired brief (20/05/21 @ 22:50)

Parallel universe again Tangi, one starts off with a witness statement which does not need a caution or legal advice. Then, lo and behold, the witness statement is used in misconduct hearings to the detriment of those police officers making 'witness statements' without legal advice. This is where the police federation can step in to prevent police officers being crucified by the IOPC and people with an anti police agenda, are you one of them?. One wonders at your total lack of understanding of procedures and processes. Previous posts by yourself indicate a Northern Ireland location. Are you a serving police officer or some kind of republican politician with no real idea of day to day policing,?

paul webb (25/05/21 @ 17:35)

IOPC really do not know how to investigate a thing do they. The police federation is doing what its members pay it for. Providing qualified legal advise just like the any other citizen.

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