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'Organisational learning' after IOPC investigation into death of Kent teen

Anonanon (19/05/21 @ 18:01)

A tragic case, but after the usual lengthy investigation IOPC found that the staff concerned had acted appropriately and according to force policies. Practice Requiring Improvement seems to be a catch all allowing IOPC to come out with phrases such as 'potential areas of organisational learning' whilst not actually making things better or solving anything.

Jensen2021 (19/05/21 @ 18:13)

Basically means the force did nothing wrong, but we want to say something that make it seem like they did do something wrong. I wonder what the mental health services were doing, as they appear to be blame free, but the police have to answer to MH shortcomings, as in many cases.

Springbok223 (25/05/21 @ 08:31)

The IOPC again trying to make out that they have the 'superior knowledge' of all thing, they just love to have the last say about everything even when it is not necessary. Usual tortoise speed in a simple case which still took a year to investigate.

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