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Killing of runaway cow with police vehicle referred to IOPC

retired brief (20/05/21 @ 11:21)

A candle lit vigil for a cow?????. Will this end up with the usual collection of the great unwashed hitting the solemn event chanting all coppers are bastards, whilst throwing assorted missiles at said coppers.

Michael (20/05/21 @ 11:24)

I am eating a beef burger today in memory of that cow

Jensen2021 (20/05/21 @ 11:25)

This really is laughable. It’s as if some actually think those officers wanted to kill the animal for a laugh. The matter has immediately been cleared up, because the circumstances were so straight forward, and had the approval of the fecking farmer! IOPC are only involved because a few ditsy airheads saw a few seconds of footage from an incident that last over two hours. How many times do we need to say this, stop pandering to these silly minorities of people who have no sense of reality

Softly Softly (20/05/21 @ 12:12)

Really, self referral by the Force how bloody stupid can you get! Well seemingly quite a lot more stupid to have a candlelit vigil for the cow - I'm beginning to think I've been abducted to another planet which looks likely to be worse than where I originated.

Softly Softly (20/05/21 @ 12:18)

Do I envisage permanent candelit vigils outside every abattoir in the days to come - more demands on police resources, (officers assigned will receive operational feeding - viz: salad.) The world's gone mad - probably a Covid vaccine side effect LOL.

PaulH (20/05/21 @ 14:14)

Two and a half hours, injuries caused to two people and no firearms attendance, just 'considered', whilst a terrified beast ramapaged itself to exhaustion. It would have been more humane for a rifle officer to shoot the animal.

Vikipollard (20/05/21 @ 14:27)

At least no one said we should all be stood on the doorstep ringing cowbells.... Too soon? Thoughts are with the officers who had to do this and the cow).

Ian (20/05/21 @ 17:16)

Another no win situation: damned if you don't, damned if you moo. SORRY!!

Anon (20/05/21 @ 20:13)

But of course! We should have called those protesting and asked them to deal with situation before driving off and leaving them to it. I wonder what the outcome would ha e been. Honestly, the world has gone mad, in favour of the unhinged!

PCsensible (20/05/21 @ 20:24)

Firearms would have been ineffective the size of a cow you would need a lot of ammo to kill it only thing shooting would do would piss it off meaning it causes more injury. also to hit a moving target that is moving a speed in a built up area I wouldn't fancy that shot as an AFO

Anthony (21/05/21 @ 13:31)

The Vegan Action For Animals are definitely milking this for all they can get.

Guest (21/05/21 @ 14:01)

Can I assume the Vegan action for animals rapid response bovine negotiation team were not available?

A Nony Mouse (21/05/21 @ 14:46)

Splitters...It was the Action Front for Vegan Animals....:-)

A Nony Mouse (21/05/21 @ 14:47)

There's no need to bring a reasoned and knowledge based argument up.

Anonymous (22/05/21 @ 09:05)

paul webb (22/05/21 @ 18:11)

IOPC will get round to this in about 12 months time. They will come out with words of advice etc. What a complete waste of time.

StandbyOne (23/05/21 @ 21:50)

A candlelight vigil for the cow sums up the world we live in today..

Police Professor (24/05/21 @ 10:57)

What a load of bullocks.

A Nony Mouse (24/05/21 @ 17:12)

They'll spend the first 12 months trying to get other cows to come forward to give statements before launching an investigation into how anti cow the police are.

Officer Crabtree (08/06/21 @ 11:26)

Then perhaps there is a hidden agenda with Chief officers referring as much as they can to the IOPC snowing them under with bullshit to show how inefficient they are - the IOPC that is, just a thought.......

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