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IOPC 'pursued individual blame' says PSA as Hillsborough trial collapses

retired brief (26/05/21 @ 14:28)

Paul Webb: is correct, but the so called fans who stayed drinking in the pubs until the last minute and then caused the tragedy are untraceable and have no assets. Therefore pursuing them will provide no compensation or lawyers fee's in pursuit of compensation. This means that people or institutions with funds will be pursued instead. I was told by a journalist of a reputable national newspaper, at the time, that his experience was that this never ending urge for retribution was a peculiar Liverpool issue and that instances of death in other football grounds such as Bradford and Glasgow did not result in such lengthy campaigns as people came to terms with the tragedy, it was the same regarding a campaign regarding minute pathological specimens being taken from deceased babies at Alder Hey children's hospital in Liverpool for research purposes which went on for years. Once again, the IOPC showing themselves to be blinkered in their approach to what they see as justice, a view not shared by the courts in general and the judge in this case.

Ian (26/05/21 @ 14:56)

It would be nice, if wholly naïve, to think that this outcome might usher in a new era in which such cases only get to court when there is sufficient evidence and that in future officers (serving or former) may not be taken to trial because of public sentiment and Political expediency.

Bertie (26/05/21 @ 16:38)

Having worked on the coronial and criminal inquiry, I can say with a degree of confidence that those who led the IOPC investigation (mostly retired detectives), conducted their side of the inquiry in a professional manner however their decision making was routinely highjacked by those further up the chain of command who, unsurprisingly had little if any investigative experience or knowledge. Whilst I do not claim to have intimate knowledge of the finer details of their investigation, I am reliably told that it fell way short of the (charging) threshold which would have been expected of a police led investigation. Presuming that this is standard practice in other IOPC investigations, is it any wonder that the vast majority of their cases end up like this one.

A Nony Mouse (26/05/21 @ 17:31)

Silence from the IOPC as they leave the CPS to carry the can. I guess an apology or acknowledgement from the IOPC is too much to ask given that they are now 0 for 4 in terms of trials involving police involvement in Hillsborough.

Shaun Roc711 (26/05/21 @ 19:07)

Does occasions when I am glad that I'm retired I'm no longer have to put up with rubbish. If I made a statement and someone had the temerity to alter that statement. I would be running to the PSD or the IOPC to complain about such behaviour. My statement is my statement! No one irrespective of rank or profession can alter what I have written and should never alter what I have written. There are 96 families who are still grieving for their loved ones whose only crime was to go to a football match. I met quite a few Sergeants from South Yorkshire police at the Federation conference the same year as Hillsborough. I know the level of personal grief they where suffering who had been on duty at the particular game. All this started with one lie all the grief, the turmoil and all the lies that followed the first lie. "The fans had forced the gate". SYP got it wrong. What a shame from the start they didn't admit to the mistake they had made. Had they we might not be pursuing the path some 30 odd years later. May the family of the 96 find solace. May the 96 REST IN PEACE🌹âœ쳌ï¸쳌🌹

Shaun Roc711 (26/05/21 @ 19:12)

How sad.

Anon (27/05/21 @ 05:14)

How many cases is that now that IOPC have lost at court? I see a pattern forming!

Shaun Roc711 (27/05/21 @ 12:32)

@retired brief How sad. These days many Journalists are a kin to having King Herod the manager of the local Mothercare. On Merseyside irrespective of whether you are red or blue you would never buy a particular newspaper. That we re-titled "the scum". After the lie and lie told about poor innocent victims. I hate to involve another organisation in this case Alder hey Children's Hospital. Having been a day patient there as a three-year-old I have nothing but respect for the place. Your informant is completely wrong when he says body tissue. It was in fact body parts like a legs and arms. After they were found someone contacted the relatives and asked them did they want the body parts back. That is what caused such a furore about the situation. Liverpool it's a great city with a fine historic past. However we are getting sick and tired of being this country is whipping boy. The events at Hillsborough in 1989 what tragic. For the families. But I must not forget those officers who suffered horrendously from what they saw. While senior officers lied and lied. The SYP SENIOR MANAGEMENT story was given to the press. The same catalogue of lies issues by HMG and became the history of the event.

tintin (27/05/21 @ 14:19)

I agree the IOPA are not fit for purpose and this investigation was a total waste of public money.It was standard proceed before the introduction of disclosure rules for witness statements in civil proceedings to be edited.They should have known this.Chasing glory on the back of old cases

paul webb (27/05/21 @ 15:15)

@Shaun Roc711 Not wishing to tarnish the memory of those who died because they were there on time and were innocent of any fault in the ensuing disaster . However the primary cause was the late arrival of Liverpool fans who were allowed into the ground without going through the turnstiles as there was a crush outside. Hindsight being a wonderful thing I dare say that if there had been several deaths outside the ground then the police would have slated for not opening the gates. The fans rushed through the gate and straight over the top into the back of the terrace and ended up crushing to death all those in front of them. My main complaint is still the fact the actions of those fans who caused the crush seem to have been exonerated from all blame

Forty years (27/05/21 @ 15:28)

Forty years (27/05/21 @ 15:30)

PCsensible (27/05/21 @ 19:38)

We the cps really dropped the ball they have charged not based on evidence but some miss guided loyalty to appease some political agenda. The iopc and the cps are both to blame, it was always going to collapse, I hope those poor people put through the ringer by incompetence get a very very large payout

bratman (27/05/21 @ 22:48)

As we all know events become distorted with the passage of time. As a Merseyside officer in 89 my understanding was the majority of late arrivals were not due to Liverpool fans staying in pubs until the last minute but SYP's inept escorting of coaches to the ground. Dukinfield was aware of the growing crowd he could have surely delayed the start. He then failed to close the tunnel before having the gates opened. It is disingenuous to say there was no cover up, by the next morning traffic officers were scouring the verges of the M62 looking for empty cans and bottles to justify the spurious claim that the fans were drunk. (having a drink before the match was part of the culture but it didn't means the fans were drunk) Any officer who's statement was considered too critical or overly emotive was interviewed and "invited" to rewrite their statement. Almost 70 statements were doctored in this way. That must surely be coercion. 96 men, women and children were unlawfully killed and no one has been held to account. Shameful.

Shaun Roc711 (28/05/21 @ 12:00)

@paul webb I agree that there was a surge on the gate by LFC fans. But many arrived at ground because of Traffic conditions on the motorway. Not because they were in the pub. I had a colleague who has attended the 1988 match at Hillsborough and also the 1989 one. He said one of the most notable things about the two matches. In 1988 match there were filter cordons just before fans went through the gate. There were no such cordons in 1989 I always felt sorry for Chief superintendent Dukinfield. Yes he did the first lie but he was thrown into the position of having to do be a commander of Semi Final of the FA Cup with the little or no experience. Peter Wright was the chief constable of SYP. He had previously been the Merpol DCC. I only cross swords with him once and to be quite honest he was a guy I did not like whatsoever. His actions in removing the Chief Superintendent, who Dukinfield replaced, was catastrophic for 96 innocent football fans. Sadly SYP have become the whipping boy. In reality one question must be asked. Should Hillsborough have been used for such an important game? That liability falls upon the Football Association. Liverpool fans are like any football fans of any club in the country. Sadly there are there idiots that give the rest of us a bad name. Liverpool is a huge Melting pot. However it is not unusual to see fans of Liverpool and fans of Everton in the same vehicle going so I like to Wembley. Hillsborough tragedy affected all people in the city. It is a city that really is a village because if I don't know you I will know someone who does know you. Yes Scousers are passionate. We are known to be a friendly city and many students who study here will stay on for studies are finished. We do adopt people and make them honourary Scousers. The passion comes out on occasions. I am reminded of the words of Shylock . His quote "prick us doth we not bleed" continues "If you wrong us, should we not seek revenge". Shakespeare Merchant of Venice. Act 3 Scene 1.

paul webb (28/05/21 @ 15:18)

Sorry what part of my comment is deemed to be offensive? Because I do not share the belief that the 96 were killed by the police but by their own fans crushing them to death. As in most disasters it is not a single thing that goes wrong but a sequence of events. Fans allocated different ends ie. Liverpool the South and Nottingham North ends of the ground. Fans arriving late. inexperienced police commander. The crush outside the ground and failure to delay kick off to allow time to get the fans in. Then when the gates were opened the Liverpool fans rushing into the terrace and pushing their way in and then they killed their own fans. I remember watching this at the time and wondered just how many people were supposed to be in that terrace because it looked like a hell of them in that section.

Guest (28/05/21 @ 17:06)

Back in 1989, Liverpool fans had one of the worst reputations (of UK clubs) for football hooliganism, which people seem to forget. Their violence was directly responsible for the deaths of 39 people at the Heysel Stadium in Belgium, just 4 years earlier. 14 Liverpool fans were convicted of manslaughter as a consequence. Appalling behaviour of Liverpool fans (and those of some other clubs) at away grounds continued to be a problem into 1989 - a number of statements on the HIP website attest to this. Whilst there were undoubted shortcomings on the part of the police, anyone who wonders about the behaviour of the fans at Hillsborough, outside the ground on the day, should view the CCTV footage. This is far from the patient, polite and respectful behaviour which the vast majority of sports fans manage, whilst queuing to get into major events. The apologists and revisionists have attempted for years to skate over the part played by the fans on the day. WATCH THE CCTV FOOTAGE.

Springbok223 (08/06/21 @ 15:49)

I had to laugh at the very very INDEPENDENT inquiry by the Holier than thou Bishop of Liverpool who found all the Liverpool fans innocent along with that left wing Eagle MP, Funny there was no problem at the Nottingham Forrest end with their fans.

StandbyOne (27/06/21 @ 08:49)

I believe the FA were well aware that there was no current safety certificate for Hillsborough yet they allowed this match to go ahead. Had they acted appropriately this would never have happened.

Springbok223 (15/07/21 @ 13:40)

Is your real name the Bishop of Liverpool.

30yrGMP (05/11/21 @ 10:16)

@Shaun Roc711 I wholeheartedly agree that one of the biggest failings, as you point out is the absence of filter cordons. But you skate over this point. Let's be clear, the filter cordons are there to filter out fans without tickets so they can't get near the ground. So you are really admitting that many of the Liverpool fans outside the Leppings Lane End that day were without tickets? I've also, always wondered why no one has done some simple arithmetic using video technology which has been around for donkeys years. Look at the footage of the Liverpool fans outside the Leppings Lane End just before 3pm. Then look at the video footage of those inside the Leppings Lane End at the same time. Do a head count of both and add the two totals together. Then compare that to the number of tickets sold for that end. Then view the result. Simples. How likely do you think it is that the total will come to the total number of tickets sold?? If the totals were to tally then the real villains are the FA and Sheffield Wednesday. Many would say they are the main villains anyway due to the lack of a safety certificate for the ground.

Springbok223 (04/02/23 @ 10:32)

Poor old IOPC, they cannot get anything right, but that is nothing new. The whole outfit needs scraping and a new unit set up with experienced investigators who are truely independent without the 'lets bag a copper' attitude that the present outfit has.

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