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Fed fires 'warning shot' with work to rule threat over pay

TP (09/06/21 @ 18:25)

I see MPs still get their annual pay rises, no feeze there, March 2020 3.1%, well above the inflation rate of 1.8%. this year, unable to remember, but they are a public body too, so should have been on a pay freeze for three of five years too. It is Do as I say, not as I do. Ten Years of rising prices, I don't care what the stats say, I live in the real world and food is going up as is everything else. Why should the police and staff be excluded from pay rises for so long? I am sure there would be mumblings if MPs pay fell behind inflation for just a couple of months! But let's also remember their pay is a minor consideration if we take into the field the subject of other jobs, two houses, flipping, expenses, employing their wives and kids, etc. etc.

A Nony Mouse (09/06/21 @ 21:26)

Pull the other one, its got bells on it. The Fed will never call a work to rule and TBH I don't think many if any officers would do that, so basically it is an idle threat. The Fed thinks that action means having a march and writing a strongly worded letter. I know that they haven't got much power in terms of the right to strike but they don't have a history of doing much when the time was right, take copping out of the pension challenge as an example of that.

Anonanon (09/06/21 @ 21:57)

The FED can fire as many 'warning shots' as it likes across the bows of HMG but bottom line is they don't care. This is a bit sabre rattling for the conference. If the FED harp on about this at some point HMG's media machine will kick in and the usual willing outlets such as the Daily Wail will start the drip feeding of articles denouncing the greed of police officers in post pandemic times ...at some point a leader writer will throw in the 'gold plated pension' quote. The FED blinked as the cards were being dealt across the negotiating table some years ago. The best they can do now is try to get the message out, as much as MSM will allow, as to the state of policing and the effects this has had on those out there on the streets trying to make it work.

Justthejob (10/06/21 @ 06:03)

I share the concern around redundancy BUT we are not retaining people currently to be an issue. To have fair negotiations you have to have fair people. If the independent advice is ignored what options do you have? Why is the FBU and RMT still powerful and we remain toothless we need some bite

paul webb (10/06/21 @ 09:28)

So glad I am retired. The Federation surrendered to HMG on pensions with barely a whimper. That was the issue the Federation should have drawn a line in the sand on. Threaten to work to rule and if necessary carry it out. No overtime. Claiming all the TOIL and leave and taking it. Having protection officers etc handing in their firearms tickets. How safe would minister's be feeling then? No use shouting the odds now when the government have called your bluff years ago

Anonymous (10/06/21 @ 13:24)

Let's do it. A work to rule and get senior officers and politicians to realise the impact we can have. Probably is Mr Apter and his Fed cronies are all talk and no action. The complete dog that barks but does not have a bite

Inspector Morse (10/06/21 @ 15:01)

The Fed are rotten to the core . They made it as difficult as possible to vote in the ballot for the right to strike .

Tangi (10/06/21 @ 16:01)

And how do you have an overtime ban. If detailed to work OT it is a lawful order. So it's only voluntary OT that you do not have to work. How many will turn down Double Time. Bit like asking them to give up their driving cards. Not going to happen

Anon (10/06/21 @ 17:11)

Double time O/T. Shows how out of date you are!

Anon (10/06/21 @ 17:16)

I'm surprised Patel didn't just laugh out loud at the Fed! She knows this is all complete hot air. Most new recruits are not even joining the Fed and for tgat matter the Police pension. The latter is a ticking time bomb for the service. The Fed are too cosy with government and lack the appetite or conviction to really challenge on important matters. Just see their innactiom on pensions!

njs813 (10/06/21 @ 18:04)

Sickoflackofleaderdhip (10/06/21 @ 18:08)

thommo999 (10/06/21 @ 20:03)

A-non-e-mouse (11/06/21 @ 06:53)

Sadly the National Police Federation have become detached from their membership who have lost their trust and respect in them. Its time for an independent review of everything they "should" be doing and start again from the beginning. Will this ever happen? I hope so but I wont hold my breath.

CPTrojan (12/06/21 @ 12:00)

It has been said before, but now I work in the rail industry I see first hand how folk can get improved terms and conditions by being part of a Trades Union that actually has the strength of the membership behind it, and the leadership to carry out the will of the members. The Fed are a busted flush, toothless tiger, as useless as tits on a fish...and any other appropriate term you wish to enter here! They are effectively taking money under false pretences and feathering their own nest. They truly fail to recognise the need to hold the government to account at pay and conditions talks, they made a hash of the referendum on whether strike action should be a tool in our arsenal and worse of all they offer very little in terms of support for officers that could not be found cheaper elsewhere (legal cover etc...).

Captain munt (12/06/21 @ 12:59)

Anono (16/06/21 @ 23:04)

The fed are close to.the government and need to be so they can be heard..But I don't see many who rely on the bread crumbs offered by overtime being turned down. It's the only way to boost a now very poor take home pay. Take home pay that is about the same as 11 yrs ago. The government will reap what they sow by not paying the right pay.

Springbok223 (25/09/22 @ 15:33)

The Paper Tiger Brigade(FED)and all mouth and no action. They are completely out of touch with things and are very very reluctant to take Court action over certain things. They can spend money on their posh annual conferences, think back 10 years, all the stays at Liberty Hotel in Blackpool spending our donations etc etc. They need to pull the 'proverbial finger' out and do something worthwhile. Get some teeth Fed. They have plenty of cash stacked away.

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