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BTP promotion board process causes upset among applicants

Old Skool Kind of Guy (23/06/21 @ 12:19)

presume that the board closing date for entries was before the sgt exams results were being published - sure could have been rectified much earlier and therefore reduced anxiety?

Softly Softly (23/06/21 @ 12:33)

Not quite sure what the issue is here, in that what's wrong with having a larger pool of talent from which to choose a person for promotion. Sounds a reasonable response/decision by the Chief Constable who is at least trying to play fairly. On the plus side the successful candidates can at least feel they were the best of a wider selection, guess it depends how one looks at it.

Justthejob (24/06/21 @ 16:49)

Maybe the CVF needs amending to show competence in reading a calendar? - oh wait that means being practically competent

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