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BlueLight Commercial identifies £1.3bn in 'joined up' procurement

paul webb (07/07/21 @ 15:18)

About time. The cost of each force going off and buying its own vehicles uniforms etc must be enormous. The purchasing power of a single point for say all the countries vehicles would enable huge savings to be made. Now all they need to do is get the same level of common sense to be applied to the IT requirements and have a single system covering all the UK forces IT and control.

M10 (07/07/21 @ 18:33)

Years overdue in coming. Individual procurement has been an utter waste with ridiculous variance in standards with some valiant efforts made on a regional basis. Blue Light actually looks like a good idea and all the ingredients for success…oh and they have managed to recruit some decent staff as well which helps. Usually efforts like this end up with the dross so I’m really pleased to see the potential to be realised here.

PaulH (08/07/21 @ 12:00)

As a former cop and now working in an industry which is subject to various procurement frameworks and practices, it is a sound idea to harmonise police procurement nationally. It will not remove the anomalies of individual forces and regions 'doing their own thing', but should improve procurement efficiencies.

Jensen2021 (08/07/21 @ 16:40)

As I’ve said before, it’s not just the amount of money spent, it’s how it’s used. So much money would be saved in all public services if money was not wasted in all these different contracts to different forces, constant miscommunications and reams of back office staff employed for purely bureaucratic purposes.

Shrek70 (11/07/21 @ 10:40)

The case for having 43 different police forces is really weak. They should at least be regionalised with a reduction in Political and executive leadership along with more national procurement of IT, vehicles and uniform.

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