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Government must do more to tackle drug deaths, says PCC

Anon (03/08/21 @ 19:52)

Government must do more to fund policing and the CJS, full stop. We all know this but until they do nothing will change, in fact matters are only likely to deteriorate. It was / is a political decision to brutally cut policing budgets and resources and defund the CPS and Courts.

Anonymous (04/08/21 @ 12:58)

Try going back to simple Peelian Principles of actually locking people up or seriously disrupting them without fear or favour instead of Policing thought crimes on SM.

MT (04/08/21 @ 14:12)

The first Dangerous Drugs Act outlawing heroin and cocaine was 1920. After 100 years of failing to solve the issue surely it’s time to look at it through a health lens rather than a criminal justice lens and in the main, not make this a policing issue. How much wasted time is spent by teams across the country executing warrants on low level dealers just to say they are doing something, it’s futile. Let along the negative impact possession drug searches have on the whole question of stop search acceptability.

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