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Suffolk politicians make bid for more control of police and public services

retired brief (06/10/21 @ 17:52)

Seems to be a move to take full control of the police and public services by the PCC and local authorities. No need for a chief constable in future with the PCC taking full control and reporting to the local authorities, with a few ACC's responsible for various operation matters under him?

Anon (06/10/21 @ 18:12)

The Chief Officer Team should be very very careful here. Giving control of money / funds to politicians is a huge risk considering the history of corruption and nepotism amongst them both locally and nationally.

paul webb (07/10/21 @ 07:55)

And so it goes on. The PCC concept has started to become an empire building exercise. It was intended to have an elected oversight of the local police. It has morphed into something completely different. It now seeks to make operational decisions. This could be the end of a independent police force. Political control will be more firmly controlled and party politics will dictate policing strategy

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