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Gangs using social media from prison 'undermines' justice system

Anon (13/10/21 @ 20:15)

The technology is there to block the use of mobile phones in prisons, however the CJS is so starved of cash from government that they have no chance of purchasing it. A further example of how prisons have been allowed to deteriorate under the Tor governments reign.

retired brief (14/10/21 @ 11:27)

Rubbish, the contraband use of mobile phones in prisons has been going on for years with prisoners friends, or gang members, smuggling then inside or throwing them over the walls for years. Nothing to do with a Tory government and in fact the SNP in Scotland have just legalised them. Small minded baseless attack on the government of the day, nothing new here either.

Bob (15/10/21 @ 14:41)

I would have thought that bearing in mind that a large part of the reason for locking these scummy criminals away in the first place was to curtail their life of crime, making the funds available to deal with the issues of mobile phone use and internet access in prisons to prevent them carrying on 'business as usual' would have been something of a priority. Apparently it is not...

Jensen2021 (15/10/21 @ 23:17)

Sadiq Khan says ‘no evidence to support drill music being linked to knife crime.’ Well he may like to know that the CPS have used that music to help convict defendants as it proved the intent. I wonder if he knows this but as a woke liberal elite he can’t bear to admit the truth, utterly dishonest and cowardly. As for Tim Westwood, an utterly desperate man who is in his fifties but acts like he’s a gangster from South Central LA, he’s clearly not helping and clearly has nothing to offer society except something to laugh at

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