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AI could be used to detect rogue officers, says academic

paul webb (13/10/21 @ 12:46)

1984 meets minority report!!

Anonanon (13/10/21 @ 13:07)

So, this would be a bit of number crunching based on complaint stats. So if an officer is proactive, deals with a lot of calls and in the course of their duties lays hands on people and puts hand's in pockets and in the course of this generates complaints does this flag them as a rogue officer? The bulk of police complaints go nowhere. A lot generated by sections of society who do not like being policed. The only way of avoiding a complaint in your career is by never leaving the station and completely avoiding any contact with the public. Frankly I have worked with a number of officers who have done their best to do just that, but the majority go out there and try and make it work. If they are talking about a program that will flash red alerts when officers are simply out their doing their job its going to be busy and provide further feed for the police haters out there.

Popeye (13/10/21 @ 15:09)

Anon (13/10/21 @ 20:21)

Perhaps they could develop one for MP's. Second jobs, expenses claims, extra marital affairs, freebies, free holidays from rich friends etc etc.

NW-Bobby (15/10/21 @ 01:18)

She argues for it, then with her final tidbit blows any real use out of the water!

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