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Resources critical to app success, digital leads told

Anon (21/10/21 @ 17:13)

CoP stating the obvious. How much are these people paid? One thing is for sure is that senior officers desperate for the next rank will force through these "Hair Brained" ideas with no thought of how they will operate. Just looks good on the CV.

Softly Softly (22/10/21 @ 08:55)

Totally agree, many of these ideas are mere gimmicks if not backed up by the ability to make a postive human response, and the sad reality is that the latter is seldom, if ever made possible. Always reminds me of an ample inviting shop window display, but on entering the shop the shevles are bare.

Anonanon (22/10/21 @ 21:34)

As the chances of the general population having a police front counter still open anywhere near where they live decreases by the year I can see the need to gloss over this statistic and go digital. The growth of phone and online reporting of crime or apps that allow concerned citizens to flag up issues in their neighbourhood are all well and good. But Mr Flanagan and I am now identifying a problem and working backwards, if you haven't got the staff to process the information or officers available to be assigned, the apps fall on their face at the start.

David (23/10/21 @ 07:04)

There is an App already live and just launched in Jersey. It’s called Injury Capture by Anatomap

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