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Cleveland PCC vows to stay on during investigation

grumpy old man (11/11/21 @ 12:41)

call me the suspicious type but this is the second time Mr Turner has faced allegations of past impropriety and on deeper review it seems to be a bit of a nonsense. It feels like he some very serious political enemies!

Stuart (11/11/21 @ 13:33)

The fact that this matter was raised under Parliamentary privilege by the Middlesborough Labour MP, Andy McDonald says a great deal about "very serious political enemies". Steve Turner is right to stay in post whilst the IOPC investigates but he its right, it could take well into 2024 to get a result which no doubt will mean appeals and more appeals and it could be 2034 before the matter is resolved !!

A nonymous (11/11/21 @ 14:07)

"As a public figure, I accept the mental challenges this brings, but my family's mental well-being should not have to be tested in this way". If you put yourself in the frame as a public figure surely you discussed the ramifications with your family??? There's a level of accountability and conduct for public figures that can't be deflected because you didn't expect any blowback. I have no opinion on any historical allegations but very facet of your life is open to observation and in the case of honesty and integrity it's rightfully so!

paul webb (11/11/21 @ 16:30)

Is there something in the water in Cleveland? The force goes through CC's at a shocking rate and now the PCC's are getting in on the act. If the IOPC are involved then this will take years. They have no concept of how to do an investigation in any kind of timely manner.

michael (14/11/21 @ 18:50)

The length some MPs go to prove that they are more odious than the others shows no signs of abating.

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